We will be Participating in This:

As their website states, “Our mission is to empower YOU by connecting you with local resources and communities creating a sustainable shift in culture.  The Fest will feature Austin organizations, businesses, and artists supporting a healthy, creative, conscious, and sustainable lifestyle. :) [-LoveATX]”

Sounds good!  Let’s DO that… and connect with others in our community who want to shift towards a more sustainable culture.  We will be there to talk about ATEN’s role in that shift, via conscious community-making and building trust.  The day of hands-on activities, information, demos, entertainment, and general meeting-and-greeting goes on in and around our usual friendly meeting spot, SomaVida (1210 Rosewood Ave.)

There is an admission fee of $10, but the organizers will also accept an exchange of 1 Hour from ATEN members (or, you can be a volunteer for 1.5 hours at the event and get in for free – sign up on the website).

Please check out their page for the full line-up of speakers, activities, participating organizations, and entertainers.

ATEN will be holding an orientation at the event at [a to-be-determined time].

If you cannot make it to this event but would like to become oriented to ATEN, please join the mailing list by Signing Up (top right of page), and you will be notified of another orientation time and place.  (Or, if your schedule is very packed, shoot an email to amanda@austintimeexchange.org with your scheduling needs.)  There will be no Second Sunday gathering in July due to the Independence Day holiday.

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