Another Season, Another Reason to Connect with the Time Exchange Community

4PM (sharp) – 5pm at SOMA VIDA – 1210 Rosewood Ave. 78702 

Summertime is a JUST the time to give TIME EXCHANGE a try.  Think of what you could do with some extra help!  Think of what you could learn by helping someone else…

ATEN also has plenty of room for passionate people who want to take charge of making things go well.  Check out this cool resource for leadership, and consider the following roles:

  • Recruiting – Talk up ATEN to your friends and associates, neighborhood or activity groups, to other organizations you’re a part of, to service providers you go to, etc. This could also involve disseminating literature (a.k.a. “fliers”).
  • Outreach/Organizational Liaising – To function at our top capacity, ATEN needs to have regular opportunities for many people to earn hours at once.  This can be achieved through partnerships with organizations and projects which need lots of volunteers.  Liaisons would help make those connections with the organizations needing help and organizing the opportunities to earn hours, as well as working with the org to plan how they can even out their ATEN balance.
  • Technology — Our web-based exchange system needs dedicated techies for maintenance, hosting, and improvements.
  • Orientations – Learning to lead an orientation is pretty simple, and very needed!  Just show up to an orientation to observe, then become empowered to activate new members.  You could start a regular orientation in your part of town, or within another group you are a part of, etc.
  • Event organizing – Think up ways of rallying community spirit, or even just getting people together socially, all in the interest of encouraging exchanges… the sky’s the limit!
  • Content  – Writing, researching and documenting are all skills that we are need of for blog and newsletter content.  Let’s be a team!

Our membership is in the hundreds, but our organization is teeny-tiny… let’s work together to support ATEN’s growth. Contact the board members at to get involved.


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