Leading others to a newfound sense of Community

Next Orientation ~ Sunday, Dec. 9th 4pm – Soma Vida: 1210 Rosewood Ave.

Request an orientation in your area of town or on a different day/time: Write to info@austintimeexchange.org


The Austin Time Exchange Network is seeking energetic and focused individuals to join our leadership team!  Whether your strengths lie in one-on-one communication, speaking to groups, writing promotional materials, video editing, code-writing, event-organizing, project brainstorming, grant-researching, or something else, you have FOUND an organization that will gratefully use your talents!

All of the people-powered initiatives that we hope to see growing in the coming year will be pushing ATEN in the direction of higher trading volume and broader reach, ultimately creating a thriving community of people who are using complementary currency to make their lives easier and more connected, as well as helping their neighbors.

To get involved, please send an email with some information about yourself and how you would like to help to  amanda@austintimeexchange.org

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