Exchange Fair @ Learning Man 2013 – Offerings and Presenters


Conference Room
12:30-1pm – What is a Change Agent, Anyway?
1:05-2:05 – The Foundation for your Castle in the Sky (Intuitive Tarot Readings)
2:10-2:55pm – Creating a Personal Vision
3-3:30pm – Intro to Mariachi Appreciation
3:35-4:30 – Tel-Empathy
Garden Studio
12:00-1:25pm – Spiritual Healing
1:30-2:30 – Design Psychology
2:45-3:45 – Does your Worldview need a Tune-up?
Yoga Studio
11:30-11:45am – Don’t Call it Money…
1:00pm-1:30pm – Internal Fitness
2:00-4pm – Road Skills 101 (2nd half is on the road!)
3:00-4pm – Swedish Massage
Work Lounge 
11:30am-12:30pm – Solutions for Animal Behavior Problems
12:35-1:35pm – How to Teach Art to Your Young Children (8-12)
1:45-3:15pm – Natural Home Building Techniques
3:15-4:30pm – Basic PV (Solar) Design


Don’t call it Money with Cliff Collard (15-20 minutes)

This is about why dollars are NOT money, they are currency; and why things like time can be a currency, too. This will be short, 15-20 minutes and I will repeat if there is interest.

What is a Change Agent Anyway? with Cliff Collard (30 minutes)

This is an invitation to become a Change Agent and learn to thrive in the current environment of massive change.

Creating a Personal Vision with Cliff Collard (45 minutes)

Having a Personal Vision is a key part of creating the personal vehicle that allows you to navigate all the change going on in the world.

Cliff Collard‘s Personal Vision is to help others learn to thrive in the current era of massive, disruptive change. He is the author of a Kindle mini-series called “Become a Change Agent: Drive the positive change you want for yourself and the world!”. He is a subject matter expert in Change Management processes, the ITIL Framework and the Remedy Suite of tools.

Tel-Empathy with Alex Barbour

Tel-Empathy is the theory that telepathy is a skill rendered dysfunctional prior to cultivating an empathic connection with an Other. Through forming a method by which to witness the other in the interaction on command, we tap into a way of communicating beyond words even when we’re still using words for emphasis. In order to do this effectively with every One you interact with, there must first be practice in interactive observation of humans in raw form. The practices of Witnessing and eye-contact meditation will be utilized to demonstrate the power in committing to seeing an Other in whichever form they present. These practices assist in picking up the subtle cues we give away on a second-by-second basis, while also developing the ability to quiet the mind enough to move away from judgment and story-telling programs we have hard-wired in us.

Spiritual Healing with Dennis Piano (1 hour + optional half hour for practice)

“Spiritual healing is the ability to connect with the cosmos, the ether, the almighty, to bring about positive change in your life and others.

I have been involved in that ever since god decided I should come into existence, and with hard work and determination, and god’s will that it should happen, the blessing of spiritual healing is with me constantly.  I will share some of my personal experience.

Please bring with you the discipline of a clean body in clean clothes, and a dedication to quiet learning, sharing, and spiritual healing.

The class structure will be: introduction, definition, real life examples, teaching the basic rule, suggestions for practice, actual practice, questions, discussion, chit-chat with dennis, future classes, volunteer opportunities.  Doors will be open for meet and greet at noon and will close uninterrupted for the session at 12:10pm. Thank you for your courtesy.”

©Copyright 2012 Dennis Piano Austin, Tx. 78701 All Rights Reserved   1-310-869-0463

Solutions for Animal Behavior Problems with Emily Strong  (1 hour)

Come learn about how the science of behavior teaches us that all animals learn best when being taught what *to* do rather than what *not* to do.  We’ll discuss the basic building blocks of behavior assessment and training techniques, and why force, flooding, aversion, and dominance methods are less effective and create more collateral damage.  We’ll learn how all healthy relationships are founded upon clear communication, mutual respect, and abundant reinforcement, and how to create those relationships with your companion animals.

Emily Strong worked in the veterinary field, in both Western and alternative medicine modalities, for 23 years, and is currently an animal behavior consultant working primarily with parrots, cats, and dogs.

Design Psychology with Sherri Mowry (1 hour)

Learn some insightful tips about creating a personal or business environment that is a reflection of you!

The psychological aspects of design, color, light, and the environment will be introduced for understanding the special bond between you and your home or workplace. Want to achieve greater appeal, positive interactions, and wealth?  This personal development session is the place to start!

Sherri Mowry is a Certified Design Psychology Coach, Fung Shui Consultant, and Ancient Wisdom Teacher.

Internal Fitness with Tim Chrisco (30 minutes)

“Internal fitness is about functionality of the body.  I teach exercises to strengthen eyesight, teeth, balance, brain function, immune system, glandular system (hormones), as well as many other things, including structural alignment (posture). All the exercises I teach are Qi based exercises designed to help people incorporate their energy (qi) in their daily life, as well as into their workouts. The overall theme of Internal Fitness is self-empowerment. It’s about using our creative abilities to physically manifesting positive changes in our bodies now, and in the future.”

Tim Chrisco has been qi gong instructor in Austin for 15 years. He has been an Intended Evolution Fitness instructor for five years, and a posture therapist for several years.

The Foundation for your Castle in the Sky with Michelle Amaranth from Happy Creative Life (one hour)

Do you want to kick your life up to the next level?
Do you have things you want to accomplish or create in your life but you keep getting sidetracked?
In this workshop you will use the wisdom of the 4s in the tarot deck as inspiration to build the foundation for your dream life.
You will be guided to get clear on your most important priorities in each area of your life and use those governing priorities to help you focus and make decisions with more clarity and confidence so that you can stay on track.

Michelle Amaranth, a natural intuitive and skilled healer has been reading tarot since 1984 and has more than 25 years of experience in teaching and workshop facilitation. Her down to earth approach to working with esoteric principles make her work both practical and insightful.

Basic Solar (PV) Design and Installation with Vicki McAninch (about an hour)

Interested in powering your house with energy from the sun?  This info-session will guide you through what to expect if you are considering a local residential solar project.

Vicki McAninch is an energy systems professional with 10 years experience in the field.

Intro to Mariachi Appreciation  with Eva Fuentes  (30 minutes)

Are you ready for Cinco de Mayo?  Do you know your Mexican music basics?  Join us for an overview of popular songs, rhythms and ensembles.  Bring your sombrero because we’ll be putting the “ancho in rancho.”

Eva Fuentes is a graduate student in cultural education at Texas State focusing on Musica Tejana.

Road Skills 101 with Sarah Welch (2 hours)

Learn to ride your bike for transportation and stay safe with traffic!  This class will be an introduction to bike fit and basic maintenance, traffic laws relating to bikes, and recognizing some common hazards to cyclists so that you can stay safe on the road.  After the classroom discussion, we will hit the road for a short group ride.

Participants should know how to ride a bike prior to taking this class, and should bring their bike, helmet, and water.

Sarah Welch says, “I have been volunteering at the Yellow Bike Project for the last year and a half and I ride my bike almost exclusively when I need to get around.  I think bikes represent freedom and empowerment and I love sharing that with others.”

Natural Home Building Methods with Thea Bryant (1.5 hours)

Building your own home isn’t impossible. A new “old” trend is reviving the age old techniques of building for yourself with exquisite results.

Thea Bryant, local Natural Builder of one of the most complicated Earthen Adobe Dome homes in the country will share tips and techniques and share how you can learn how you can also create your own Natural Home.

Does Our World-View need a Spring Tune-Up? How long Since You Looked at Yours? with Dick Pierce (1 hour)

Note: If you are happy with our world today, how things are going, how ethics, morals, relationships, and the environment are going – no need to attend this session.

If you feel or sense that we could do things better or ought to consider alternates to raising, educating children to adulthood; to growing/buying our food; to housing, transport, energy, currency, other resources; to increasing community, cooperation, caring, and local self-reliance – then come on over. Let’s look at some alternatives – big and small, easy and not so, fun and educational, richer and more rewarding.

Dick Pierce teaches Permaculture in C-TX and SE-MA. He is a landscape designer, consultant, and frequent guest speaker on Sustainability, Green Building, and Local Food. He is the co-founder, with Brandi Clark of the Citizen Gardener program, aimed at promoting food self-sufficiency in Austin through home and community gardening.  He is currently working with restorative justice and helping young people get on the right side of a good view of life.

 Learn how to give a full body Swedish massage!  with Lisa Rosaves (1 hour)

You can learn basic techniques for giving a relaxing Swedish massage. We will focus on techniques for back, shoulders, arms and legs. You will learn about the many benefits of massage. Participants can be both receivers and givers of massage, so feel free to wear shorts, tank top etc. to better facilitate this.

Lisa Rosaves is a local massage therapist trained in Swedish massage.

How to Teach Art to Your Young Children (8 to 12)
an introduction in “Learning to See” with Jack McCabe

Parents or pre-parents — Don’t be afraid to take your kids on a creative adventure!
Let’s try out some fun things together so you can take it home and share.

Children naturally desire to draw and create.

My classes use non-threatening approaches to learning foundations in art of great use in later development in art and in creative thinking. Drawing from the imagination, finding art and even using so called ‘mistakes’ as opportunities is part of the Learning to See curriculum.

Jack McCabe has a BFA from the University of Rhode Island.  He created several levels of “Learning to See,” a program for learning art and creativity of expression for children, which has been offered at several community art centers in Rhode Island.  Portfolio at

Assisted by Dana McBride who has a BFA from University of Oklahoma.  The former Executive Director of the Individual Artists of Oklahoma.  Dana taught children’s art classes at the Firehouse Art Center in Norman, Oklahoma.  She also worked with adults with developmental disabilities in art creation and exhibition in Austin, Texas.



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