EXCHANGE FAIR @ Learning Man Coming SOON!

Imagine a day of free workshops, classes and presentations, all contained within one building and offered by fellow Time Exchangers…

Well, we’re going to make it happen on May 4th at Soma Vida!

Soma Vida will host our first ever Learning Man Exchange Fair.
Soma Vida will host our first ever Learning Man Exchange Fair.

With a speed-orientation available at registration and extra computers available, participants will be able to redeem ATEN Hours for tutelage in the subjects of their choice, all taught by “qualified experts” in their fields. (this is subjective, but we think your own opinion of yourself is worth something…)

Some of the subjects already being covered include: Creating a Personal Vision, Being a Change Agent, Understanding your Non-human Companions, Feng Shui, and Spiritual Healing.

What could YOU contribute to our smorgasbord of smarts?

  • Do you know how to make tinctures, ferments, home-made cleaning supplies, or beauty products?
  • Are you a professional with Saturdays off and a passion for sharing your experiences and expertise?
  • Holistic health, yoga, tai chi?
  • Know from experience about starting a co-op, using wordpress for websites, editing photos in Photoshop?
  • Have you traveled afar and brought back unique stories?
  • Know some tips for being a great babysitter?
  • Play an instrument and can show us how, too?

If you have a desire to teach, we want to see you there!  You will get Hours for your presentation + preparation time, plus access to all other class sessions.

Email a proposal for your presentation/workshop/class to by April 14th.  Include a brief description of your presentation and your history with the subject, as well as an amount of time that your presentation will take (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour)

This EXCHANGE FAIR / KNOWLEDGE-SHARE is happening in tandem with Austin’s Learning Man 2013, which will include events on May 3rd and 5th as well.

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If you want to get oriented to ATEN before the event (and earn a one-hour “stimulus” credit), you can come out to the Austin Sustainable Swap on Saturday, April 20th and catch our 1:30pm orientation.


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