Come Meet Time Exchangers at a Swap, Potluck, or Orientation

Continuing our partnership with the awesome Austin Sustainable Swap, we will be returning to Hot Mama’s Cafe on Saturday, March 16th and giving an orientation at 1:30.  SXSW madness will be in full effect, so party atmosphere may prevail as we network on the sidewalk and swap… We shall see!  In the meantime, please check out their website.

In late March, rustle up some grub and bring it to the Austin Time Exchange Network’s potluck!  Time and place t.b.d. (will be updated very soon).

If you need an early April orientation, we’ve got you covered there: First Sunday, 12:30pm, Vuka Coop.

At our last potluck, in February at Steven Jenner’s home, we enjoyed plentiful food and conversations with friendly Exchangers, both fresh and seasoned.



2 thoughts on “Come Meet Time Exchangers at a Swap, Potluck, or Orientation

  1. I am turning 14 in May and my parent wants to take me to this convention on Saturday. Are kids allowed to participate in the time exchange.

    • Yes, Erika, kids are welcome to participate in time exchange. Basically, it is about volunteering to do something for someone else. The only difference is that you get a credit in your account that you can then use later to get help when you need it! Or maybe you don’t need “help”, but you want to do something fun like learn about something you are interested in, get lessons, or watch a performance. Time banking is for everyone!

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