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Next Orientation:

**Sunday, Mar. 3rd; 12:30pm; @ Vuka Coop – 411 Monroe St. 78704

Attend an orientation and join the ranks of happy members such as these who are giving and receiving help in our network

dick-teaching  “We teach 4 Citizen Gardener Courses each spring and each fall. We have 8 hours of hands-on instruction outdoors building and planting and learning. To make this flow smoothly and seem easy, a great deal of prep and gathering of materials is necessary – probably 10 – 20 hours. It’s a tough, extra-curricular job to get all of this done in the week before the class – along with regular work, home life, etc.. One can be exhausted and almost cranky by the 1st class day.

This past class, it dawned on me to use ATEN to help me out. [Elton/ATEN] came to my rescue. We did the heavy stuff together – 12 bags of soil, 8 bags of wood chips; building the bulky raised-beds. I spent 10 of my ATEN hours, did the work in less than half the usual time, and had a good, social time doing it. Gone was the drudgery of late night and isolated activity.

Thanks, ATEN. You are awesome. I’m going to ask your help in several other areas about which I’ve been procrastinating.”  — Dick Pierce


“I really appreciate how versatile ATEN is!  I’ve used it for everything from tutoring to building design and know I will continue to rely on it more for all the interesting things I want to know more about/be able to do, but am just not ready for DIY quite yet.  Thanks for being here!”
— Leta


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