(Rumblings underfoot)

Did I hear design changes are on the way for this blog?
I did.

Did someone say that many new members are joining and becoming volunteers for A.T.E.N. these days?
Why, yes!

That means more engagement for your web-weary eyes, more orientations, more presence at events in our community, and more helpful interactions for us all.  Trust people, not dollars! (Or… at least as much as dollars?)  You, too, can help these things happen and more, just ask info@austintimeexchange.org.

NEXT ORIENTATION+POTLUCK = Sunday, November 13th, 2011 : : Soma Vida,
1210 Rosewood Ave. 78702 ….   4pm (orientation),  5pm (potluck).

Check for updates frequently, as we are definitely feeling a rumbling.


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