Inbox is hopping

It’s so exciting to be involved with the Austin Time Exchange Network at an administrative level because I get to see how many new people are joining all the time.

And what amazing people they are, too.  I have to say that since I have been a member of ATEN, I have come to see the make-up of my adopted town in a whole new light.  The talents and expertise all around me and the wealth of different perspectives residing in my fellow Austinites is truly astounding and inspiring.

Bring your own awesomely unique background and come meet some new people — folks who are aware that there is a kinder, fairer economy available to those who want it —  at our next monthly gathering:

Sunday, July 10th : Orientation @ 4; Potluck @ 5 Soma Vida – 1210 Rosewood Ave. 78702

It wouldn’t be complete without YOU!




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