This Month’s Gathering

Come Join Us!

This month (May), ATEN is hosting an extra-special get-together, but it is NOT on the Second Sunday!

Mark May 15th on your calendar for a Soiree with Austin Progressive Potluckers and, of course, Time Exchangers.  The Progressive Potluckers are a group of people interested in making a difference, who potluck with a different group every month to network.  Meet them @ Soma Vida, 1210 Rosewood Ave. 78702  on Sunday 5/15 , from 5 to 7pm.  Bring a food or drink to share…

If you are not yet a member of ATEN yourself but would like to become one, you may arrive at 4:00 for the New Member Gathering (orientation).  Same date and place!

* * *

It turns out that is going to be quite a weekend for events!  ALSO in our COMMUNITY . . .

Skillshare Austin’s 4th annual FREE weekend of skills!
May 14th, 10am – 5pm

Space 12,  3121 e. 12th st.

FREE Demos in:  Oil Pastel Batik, Lino Prints, Canning Foods, Growing Herbs, Rhyme Share, Public Speaking, Sign Language, Fertility Awareness, Crochet with Plastic Bags, Food Foraging, How to Cut Hair, Creative Writing, Audio Effects Processing, Bike Maintenance, Poker, How to Use Indy Media, Stop Motion Animation, Ceiling Light Installation and Table Lamp Rewiring, Tango and more!!  PLUS, Kids Classes all day long.

Austin FreeSkool Community Picnic
May 15th, 12pm-5pm

@ Barton Springs

Ever wanted to be a part of giving and/or receiving education that is both free and non-hierarchical?  Check out the Austin FreeSkool!  More info is available —


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