Every Second Sunday

Orientations for new members are held every month in Soma Vida‘s* front room, with a potluck for the entire membership afterward.

Arrive at 4:00 for orientation if you are new, 4:30 if you want to volunteer for ATEN, and 5:00 if you are just interested in the potluck (sometimes called a Soirée, if we are feeling fancy).  Sharing and eating food always turns out to be a great context for making conversation and setting up exchanges with co-Networkers.

Remember these Second Sundays in 2011—–> -Apr. 10th-  -May 15th-  -Jun. 12th-  -July 10th- etc.

*Soma Vida is an east side space (available for events such as ours) with whom we share a cooperative vision of community.  Some of the many helpful services practiced in this building include naturopatic medicine, acupuncture, somatic psychotherapy, work-life balance coaching, and massage.  They also host a co-working space, spa, child-care area, and yoga room (to find out more, check their website).

P.S.  Did you know about this other monthly event in Austin?

Last Sundays: 1-4pm – Treasure City’s Really Really Free Market @ 16th & Chestnut


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