A New Year of Possibilities

Do you have any fresh intentions for 2011?

Do you use this turning-point time of the Sun cycle as a time to reflect, shed, and set new goals?

Wherever your personal path may be leading you, there is probably a way that being involved with Time Exchange can help.

Last night I had a dream that we (this community of potential) had gathered to connect our stories and plans, ideas and energies, and the excitement about making things happen was palpable.   At the same time, there was individual freedom and motion.  This highlights what I see as the two greatest things about ATEN: one- the excitement energy that is generated simply by being able to help or be helped; and two- the freeing fact that it is all voluntary.  Anyone can initiate a project, small or large, or offer their services to the community, and in fact, the network will only thrive when EVERYONE is taking those initiatives, because then the energy (and Exchange Shares) will just keep moving, and creating ripples of positive interactions as they do.

With that in mind, might you consider one way in which you would like to use ATEN this coming year?  Is there a kind of work you would like to try, or a subject you would like to learn more about?  Maybe your goals are ambitious, and you would like some help in getting the work done.  If it’s something that the network can’t currently supply, call on your neighbors and friends, and invite them to join.

Speaking of new members, our next New Member Orientation and Community Soiree is back to 2nd Sunday: January 9th at SomaVida (1210 Rosewood).  Four o’ clock is orientation time, and 5pm is the start of the potluck dinner.  See you then!


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