December Gift Market and Orientation

Member Mary Kraemer is hosting a Holiday Market Gift Party at her home and garden on Saturday, December 11th, from 4 until dark.

At this event, you are invited to bring any and all vendor items such as crafts you make or sell, extra gifts you have around your home, or gift certificates for services you provide — sell or exchange your items and shop amongst the goodies for your loved ones.  This is an opportunity to use your Exchange Hours OR money to purchase beautiful things, so tell all your friends.  (You can come early if you have things to set up.)

At 4:45, we will hold a new member orientation, so you can actually join ATEN at this event!

Location is 2405 e 2nd St. — RSVP to or in the Forum.
Mary's backyard labyrinth!


P.S.  Here is another great piece about Time Banking…


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