East Side Fair and District Day

This coming Saturday, the Austin Time Exchange is proudly participating in the first annual District Day and East Side Fair in East Austin.

Local artists and entrepreneurs will be showcased at various sites around Central East Austin, along with performers, speakers, and activities for children.  Shuttle buses will be running hourly between all of the tour sites, starting at 10am at the Carver Museum and Cultural Center.

This event is a grassroots effort to facilitate and advance discussions regarding the development of East Austin, with and among the people who live there.  While increasing awareness of the Central East Austin as a Cultural Heritage District, the East Austin Fair also aims to bring attention to local business people and service providers.

The Austin Time Exchange Network will have an information booth set up from 10-4 at the “Community Economics Marketplace” —  parking lot of David Chapel, MLK Blvd and Chestnut Street.

For a detailed list of sites and activities, please visit the Pro Arts Collective web page.

If you are interested in participating as a vendor, visit www.eastsidefair.com


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