Good reads + upcoming Events

As green leaves uncurl and grow big, so does A.T.E.N.!

Many new people have joined so far this year, and even more are expected at our next New Member Orientation on May 16th at 5pm. Don’t forget to regularly check out the “People” pages to see all the amazing human resources we have in our network and what they would like to give and receive.

There are whispers on the wind of a June Birthday / Fundraiser Party that is going to be a lot of fun.  Think dunking booths, raffle items, and a diverse musical line-up… think about participating!  Anyone who wants to attend the next planning meeting for this event should also come out on the 16th at 5pmNo soirée this month, just orientation and taking care of business; because next month we are going to fête it up!

(Location: Soma Vida 1210 Rosewood Ave. 78702)

Lastly, a link to an article that you may find informative and inspiring:

The transformation of community activism into economic activism and the revival of cooperatives in the U.S. by Bernard Marszalek.


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